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Using SQL Server Sequence with Entity Framework (EF 5)

SQL Server sequence has been introduced with SQL server 2012. One drawback of using sequences is that unlike identity column you needed to make a request to the server first to get your key. Another issue is that it’s not supported by Entity Framework right out the box and you need to tweak it a little bit to make it work. This article describes one of the approaches that can be used to make everything work together. I came up with 2 or 3 different approaches but I like this one the most. Big thank you to Julie Lerman for helping me come up with this solution.
Posted by: orest, on 3/25/2013, in category ".NET Articles "
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Hosting uptime percentages and user reviews

Good site for hosting company uptime percentages and user reviews for.
Posted by: Orest, on 8/20/2007, in category "General news & articles "
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AJAX / ASP.NET- Resize text in the asp:Panel with button onClick ( OnClientClick) event and ResizableControlExtender

Recently I got a requirement to have resizable text section on my page. First thing that got my head was to use ResizableControlExtender and that worked well for me. I could resize my text just by dragging my panel handler. Few days latter I got a new requirement to have 2 buttons on the form, one to Enrage and one to shrink my text. This article describes how I accomplished this.
Posted by: Orest, on 3/7/2007, in category ".NET Articles "
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Get info about local digital certificates with WSE 2.0 and .NET

This article describes how to get information about digital certificates stored on your local machine. It also shows how to search certificates by name, and retrieve a certificate hash.
Posted by: Orest, on 3/3/2007, in category ".NET Articles "
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