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How much will it cost?

We offer a variety of pricing plans to suit your budget. Our initial consultation is free of charge and from there we are usually able to give you a rough cost estimate for your project.

Firm fixed price

This approach protects you from unexpected extra costs associated with changing things in mid-stream. We begin with in-depth discussions with you via email, phone, or face-to-face, to determine, the details of the Web site you are looking for. Then we will draft a proposal and provide a fixed price based on that proposal. You can add or subtract features that may be of greater or lesser importance for your needs in order to fit within your budget.

Since this is time-intensive process, we charge for it based on the complexity of your site. The cost is typically $150 to $300; but, if you already have the details for your site in writing we can probably provide you with a detailed price quote free of charge.


After our initial free consultation and rough estimate of the cost for the Web site you may still be uncertain about exactly what you want, or you may know you will want to make frequent changes as the development process unfolds. For you, the pay-as-you-go option is the most flexible and will end up costing less than the firm-fixed-price option described above. We still prepare a detailed site specification document, but it serves more as a loose guide to get things started rather than as a fixed project plan.

Some examples

Example 1. You want a one page Brochure-type site that provides basic information about their business. The site is launched in a few days at a cost of about $200-$300.

Example 2. You provide all the text and in-house graphics, including logo, that you want to see on a simple 5-page Web site. You also provide a list of Web sites that have some of the characteristics you like to have on your site. The site design passes through two reviews with the client before the site is launched. It takes one or two weeks to produce and costs about $900.

Example 3. You want a e-commerce site to sell about 50 products with on-line credit-card processing and you want to use PayPal shopping cart. Site launched approximately 8 weeks after the project began. The cost is about $5,000.

Example 4. You want a e-commerce site with ability to administer your products. You want a shopping card and user registration ability with on-line credit-card processing. The client provides the data, text and pictures of the products. Site launched approximately 8 weeks after the project began. The cost is about $7,500.

Example 5. You want a database-driven site in order to manage and maintain it in-house. The site contains between 20 and 40 Web pages. The site is finished in about 10 weeks at a cost of approximately $9,000.

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