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our nine step approach insures that your web site is designed and build in a timely and cost-effective way and delivers what you want.

step one: consultation & evaluation

our initial consultation and evaluation is absolutely free of charge and obligation. intended as an exchange of information, we'll find out what your needs are for a web application and we'll answer any questions you have. from the information you give us, we'll provide you with a verbal rough estimate for the completed project. this will give you enough information to decide if you want to take the next step.

step two: a detailed written estimate

after the initial consultation, we'll gather more information from you by email, phone conversation, and/or face-to-face meetings in order to accurately define enough details to write a detailed site specification and price estimate for your web site.
this most critical step requires that we work closely with you to carefully assess the needs and concerns of your business or enterprise. what we jointly determine through our conversations will lay the foundation for designing and building your site. because we must spend a good deal of time on this phase, we charge for it based on the complexity of your site. the cost is billed at the beginning of the project and, if a work-agreement is signed, the payment is applied to the first invoice for the project. if you decide not to continue work with us, you still have a valuable set of written site specifications.

step three: the work agreement

we will prepare a standard work agreement including a detailed description of the planned web site and cost estimate. one third of the total estimated cost is due upon signing the agreement.

step four: gathering content

during this phase we will work with you to gather content including text, reference literature, photographs or images, etc., that will be used on the live site. our professional web editors can help rewrite or edit text from your existing marketing materials or other sources. the details of this content affects the design and navigation structure, so this phase must be carefully completed prior to organizing and building your site.

step five: site architecture

based on the content that needs to be delivered through the site, we develop one or more designs that will make it easy for your visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. in this phase, the emphasis is on content layout and site navigation.

step six: page layout

we will provide you with a full-color design and layout for the home page based on the content and preferences you've given us. we'll want your feedback so that we can make changes and create another draft, then we'll solicit yet another round of feedback from you so that we can create a final draft prior to coding the final site. we use the same process for any other required page designs. through these itterative discussions between us, we are able to fine-tune all aspects of the proposed design prior to building the web site.
the conclusion of this phase usually marks the half-way point in the project at which time we'll invoice you for the second one-third payment and provide you with a list of work that has been completed so far.

step seven: building the pages

with final drafts in-hand, construction begins. the page designs you have approved are now used as guides for building the actual web pages. for web applications that require databases or other integrated dynamic functions, we build and integrate them seamlessly into the pages.

step eight: final testing

during this phase we thoroughly test the site and give you an opportunity to make minor adjustments before the site "goes live." we will test the site on various platforms and browsers, looking at resolution settings, browser window sizes, display errors, etc. if we find problems, we'll fix them.
before site launch, the payment balance is due.

step nine: the official launch

once the site has passed testing and meets with your satisfaction, the site is published on the internet. if you have opted to purchase a content management system with your site, you will be trained at this time on how to use the system to make your own updates and changes.
we also offer ongoing maintenance and support contracts along with full-service site hosting arrangements.

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