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want to accept credit cards online? with paypal, you can accept credit cards for your sales. paypal offers a low cost solution that allows you to securely accept online payments for your products. whether you're selling one product or hundreds, we can create a paypal web design that easily manages you online sales, offering a great e-commerce solution to your small business needs. we've helped business just like yours become profitable without the expense of a merchant account. we can take your existing paypal account and build payment options into your web site.

why use paypal as your payment gateway?

there are many payment solutions that you can choose for your site. some are better then others and you will need to make a choice. if you just created and lunched new online store people are tend not to trust you at first. a customer will be more willing to leave his credit card information on the site of well-known gateway, instead of your lesser known website. paypal is that trusted and well-known gateway, after all it has more then 86 million of registered users and is available in 56 countries. we prefer using paypal based on many reasons, let's list few of them.

  • paypal easy integration with your website
  • paypal offers almost immediate setup
  • paypal has low transaction fees
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